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15 Content Marketing Blogs to Refine Your Content Strategy

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Staying on top of content marketing trends is important for content strategists and creators. Smart marketers and business leaders follow the latest content marketing trends, tips, tricks, and hacks by reading the top content marketing blogs every day. And it does pay off. According to Marketing Insider Group, companies that blog see six times the revenue versus those that don't. Moreover, businesses that create consistent weekly content receive two to six times more leads. The following is my go-to list of 15 content marketing blogs to refine your content strategy.

The Content Marketing Institute is the go-to website for anything related to digital marketing or SEO. They have comprehensive guides on content optimization, strategy, social media, content creation and SEO. is packed with practical, how-to guidance, insight, and advice from content marketing experts, plus comments and contributions from our active community of content practitioners at brands and agencies.

The HubSpot Blog has articles, templates, and resources to help you to navigate social media, e-commerce, SEO, sales, marketing psychology, and brand awareness. And you’ll find plenty of tips for creating more engaging e-mail campaigns.

The Convince and Convert Blog is ranked the #1 content marketing blog by the Content Marketing Institute. This content marketing blog gives you research-backed information about customer experience, B2B marketing, and content marketing. And you can sign up for their daily newsletter, which will bring content tips and tricks right to your inbox.

The Buffer Blog covers every aspect of social media marketing, from writing to the latest social media marketing trends. They also publish the Flow marketing blog (real-life marketing stories), the Open Culture blog (workplace and remote culture) and the Overflow engineering blog. In addition, you can tune into their podcasts: Breaking Brand and The Science of Social Media.

Founded in 2009, Social Media Examiner is one of the best online resources for social media optimization and content marketing. They help millions of marketers discover how to best use social media and content to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness, and increase sales. There are also podcasts, webinars and many other opportunities to learn from their team of experts.

The Marketing Insider Group Blog gives content marketers first-hand information on how to distinguish their blog from other blogs. It provides insight into Google Analytics, marketing plans and fundamentals like social media and SEO.

The BuzzSumo Blog teaches content marketing, digital PR, video marketing and other useful concepts for creating an effective content marketing strategy. Their B2B Content Marketing Report 2022 is a must-read for content and marketing strategists.

The Ahrefs Blog is one of the best resources for improving your SEO knowledge. It offers a wide range of helpful content about everything from navigating SEO to harnessing content marketing tactics.

If you want to stay updated with information about the latest trends and innovations in the content marketing space, then The Content Strategist is your best bet. It offers well-researched information backed by stats, research and case studies and is designed to boost your content marketing skills.

The WordStream Blog gives you the best tricks to boost your Google ads’ performance, raise web page ranking, learn how to use tools like Google Analytics, increase social media engagement and boost conversion rates.

Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog is every digital marketer’s content hub. It provides actionable tips on how to use social media to boost sales and set up an effective online marketing program.

The Scripted Blog gives insight into all things content writing and strategy, including tool reviews, SEO and link-building outreach. And The Scripted Podcast features interviews with highly successful writers.

The CoSchedule Blog teaches content marketers how to produce great content marketing workflows while staying on top of industry trends and gives up-to-date advice on the best times to post on social media.

The Moz Blog focuses on how to enhance your SEO practices. It explains concepts such as the ROI of SEO, how to make your website rank and how to carry out analytical sales research. The industry's top wizards offer their best advice, research, how-tos, and insights to help you level up your SEO and online marketing skills.

Ann Handley's Blog is my personal go-to, everyday read. Ann is the content officer of MarketingProfs and a columnist for the Entrepreneur blog. She dishes out amazing advice in the content marketing space. Her blog especially highlights the power of creative storytelling to drive marketing and sales. You’ll even find tips for better public speaking. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest tips on content and marketing strategy.

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