The Bridge that Collapsed Twice
Photo of Susan Gaide, The PowerWriter

About The PowerWriter 

You dare to think big and you expect big results. You need extraordinary words that perform like a hit song. Working with an intuitive writer can make all the difference. I'm The PowerWriter. To me, outstanding copy has melody and rhythm. It tells a killer story. Like the line of lyric in the famous Ella Fitzgerald song says, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing."

My success as a brand messaging strategist and copywriter lies in my ability to write in other people's voices -- to create content that sounds authentically them. From brand messaging to advertising copy to public relations, corporate communications, speeches, thought leadership, social media, website, landing page, blog content, case studies, e-mail campaigns, radio and television commercial scripts, video scripts, SEO writing, books, and eBooks, I'll tell your story through compelling narratives that will impact your audience.

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